Sunday, February 24, 2008


Can I just say...Paula Rocks! Thank you Thank you Thank you Paula for the blog comments, the encouraging emails, the header help, etc. One day, I am coming to Australia and I'm going to do the obnoxious American thing and invite myself to stay with you!! hahah!
To my fellow photog and paper crafting friends, don't miss Paula's blog-- it is inspirational!


Kim said...

I love your new header and Paula's blog! Now I have two blogs to check for inspiration! I had so much fun checking out her projects and pictures.
Also, I am tagging along on that trip to Australia...tell Paula I will be your chaperone. I am sure she knows you need one. LOL.

Paula said...

ROFL you're both welcome any time and thanks for checking out my blog Kim. I was going to send a reply to your comment but then remembered I didn't have an email addy for you. That's one thing I hate about blogger - you need the commenters email addy to be able to say thanks :-P

Leslie said...

amen amen amen! We'll have to plan this trip together and we'll bombard her with internet friends sleeping over! I want to meet her badly too. I check her blog often; just like everyone else's. She's an amazing friend and scrapper! I *heart* Paula!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Amen from me, too!
She is the bestest!