Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Mario Kart and Lidocaine Sunday

All afternoon, Spencer and IV played games--and laughed hysterically. Mario Kart was a big hit today! Jimmy, Melissa, Kim and I were sore. I think I have used a half a tube of BioFreeze on my damn shoulder!
Just when I decided that I was the only person in the world that could pull a "butt muscle" bowling, Kim let me know her left bum cheek was in pain too! I was so sore, I could barely sit on my hiney all day and avoid doing laundry.

You know what else stinks? I got a horrible sunburn. Not a "ooh I am really pink and it burns" kind of sunburn-- I'm talking a RED burn with tiny prickles of blood spots and white blisters. The kind where you take some vicodin, lather in aloe and lidocaine and try not to have the sheet touch your skin. UGH!!! I was out in the sun for about an hour at the soccer game Saturday. I forgot my sunscreen. I sat in the shade at the baseball game.-- So in a little over an hour, I blistered and Mom and Lucy barely got any sun at all. My doctor said that once I get my vitamin deficiencies back in order, I won't be quite as sensitive to the sun. I will remember how freakin bad this hurts every time I complain about all the vitamins and supplements I have to take now.

I went to Barnes and Nobles today. Lesley- if you are reading this: I got 6 new books-WOOHOO! Lots of good stuff to gear up for summer. I bought Spencer two new Mo Willems books. He read one of them tonight. He read the entire thing with very few mistakes-and when he did mess up, he immediately self-corrected. He used inflection and fun voices for the characters-- I was so proud of him! I have a small prize box and there are some "popper" type toys in there that he could earn by reading with inflection. (It is one of those silly rubber things that you turn inside out and then they pop and spring upwards in the air.) That was certainly the right motivator because he was determined to earn those poppers-- he even offered to read another book to me to earn another popper! My goal in the next few weeks is to get us a library card. I am spending a small fortune in books. I have never even been to our local library!


lydia eve said...

So that I don't go broke over books, I have a routine:

-Buy books at the used book store.
-Borrow at least one book.
-Go to library and borrow books.
-Buy the GOOD stuff at Target or Barnes & Noble. :)

They have some website where you can swap books that I thought about looking into, but I'm too damned lazy to go to the post office to send my own when someone wants one... so, I feel your pain!

Definitely go to the library, though. It's so... retro... and fun!

Leslie said...

Ooh, I cringe in pain at your sunburn description. I hope you feel better soon!

Kim said...

I don't know...if they don't serve coffee at the library, Spencer may not participate- LOL. (I am right there with ya buddy).
Remember, I told you...never feel guilty about the money you spend on books or food--they both nourish you in different ways. Although I know, it does get expensive. There was always something kind of magical to me about the library when I was young, but that was back "in the day" before Barnes & Noble and all the other wonderbooks stores.
I LOVE that he loves to read and is getting into books, though.

Yeah, my rear is hurting today, everyone is asking why I am wincing around the office today when I get up from my desk. I can't tell them the REAL reason! LOL

Paula... said...

OOoh which books did you buy??? I borrow all of my books from the library. Our local library is available on-line, so if I find a book somewhere (shop, recommendation, catalogue) I can search it in the library catalogue from home and put it on hold. Sometimes the more popular ones have a long queue ahead of me, but hey I can wait and just find something else in the mean time :)

I hope the sunburn is all gone by now!