Sunday, April 20, 2008

Over sharing

Sometimes I over share on my blog. This is going to be one of those times.
IV spent the night with us last night. He and Spencer decided they wanted a big bubble bath. So I made a warm bath with lots of Mr. Bubbles suds rising out of the garden tub while Spencer and IV gathered up their Dino toys-- the bubbles are the pretend "Ice Age." Sounds normal so far, right?
Well, just as I gave each of them a wash cloth and reminders not to over-splash, IV leans up and starts peeing on Spencer's leg. Yeah-- you read that right. One little boy started peeing on the other. And laughing hysterically. Poor Spencer was in shock! I jerked both of them out of the tub, I tried not to yell at IV but jeez--what was he thinking??
Poor little boys were standing on a towel naked, covered in bubbles while I was draining and washing the tub. IV was scared I was going to call his Dad on him and Spencer was scowling at IV--all... well.... pissed off. I guess in this case - pissed on. Looking at them, I couldn't be mad any more-- but as a Mom rule-- I couldn't laugh either. If IV even sees the slightest hint that he has amused you, he will come out for an encore. So I finished washing the tub and filled it back up with a new clean bubble bath-- without giggling.
I explained to IV that while his Daddy (my brother) lets him pee in the shower, he CAN NOT pee in the tub. Especially ON SPENCER!!!


Christinekay425 said...

I am LMBO!!! I so needed that story right now. Thanks for the laugh! :)

Leslie said...

ok my eyes just bugged out and I stifled a little giggle. It's those simple actions that you kind of expect from a child but at the same time hope they never do. We've been dealing with some inappropriate behaviors that want to make you giggle just a little around here too. I know what you mean about the "mom rule" I have to remind myself of that stuff all the time.

Becky said...

omg. I don't know how you didnt bust out. Poor Spencer! LMAO

Cheri Pryor said...

Oh. My. God.
LMAO!!! What the hello has your brother been teaching that kid??!!

The Partin Family said...

Just so you know, Aunt Melissa does not approve of the peeing in the shower either! Completely unsanitary!!!! What is that little one thinking when he does these things?!

Gena said...

Priceless!!! LMAO I know you were just dying to laugh! I can see Spencer just looking like what the heck...... lol I bet IV want try that again huh? Yea what has Jimmy been teaching that kid.... i guess it is a boy thing because I remind Steven.. pee before you get in the shower NOT in the shower... sometimes I think he pretends not to hear me so he can annoy his sister that he did pee in the shower just as she is about to get in!! lol

Patti H said...

omg that is too funny! How the heck did you keep a straight face. I am surprised Spencer didn't slug him for peeing on him! That is too funny

Anonymous said...

piss on ya

Paula... said...

OMG I can just imagine the look on Spencer's face - you did well to stop from both losing it and giggling ROFL

Robyn said...

How did you not laugh? That is funny.