Friday, April 04, 2008

Oh Bloody Hell!

I can't find it! I have looked in every centimeter of fabric, every flap, fold, pocket, every crevice of both the washer and the dryer, every possible touchpoint--where in the hell did the RED MASSACRE come from?
With my shrewd detective work, I do not think it happened in the washer-- the washer showed no indication of any red and I didn't notice anything when I took the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Now my dryer is a total 'nuther story. The entire inside is red. I even tried to bleach it. Nope! It is baked into the enamel. The stains are not waxy, I don't think crayon-- maybe a marker?? If it was a marker-- where did it go? How did it disappear? How did one marker make a red mess larger than slaughter???
And I couldn't have been washing towels or something private-- oh no-- I was washing Spencer's SOCCER uniform and BASEBALL uniform. You know-- the ones you CAN"T REPLACE.. The ones he has to wear for TEAM and INDIVIDUAL pictures this weekend!!!! Oh geez... deep breaths!
Since they were ruined anyway, I tried bleaching them-- that didn't work either--but it did take the red out of all of the other clothes in that load EXCEPT the freakin uniforms!
And yes, I check pockets before laundering. I guess I need to install TSA strength screening machines in the laundry room from here on. I don't know how I missed what ever it was--and where it went??? Poor Spencer-- he will be the only kid on the field looking like he was just in a bloody gang war!!


Lady Blognanimous said...

More than likely it was a red crayon and it may have gotten tossed in the hamper instead of a pocket. The dryer probably melted it all over clothing, there may be nothing left to find. This has happened to me oh too many times! I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is only you would this happen to BEFORE pictures are taken...LOL!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

OMG - that is awful!!!!!
My sympathy is with you - trust me. I know what a red marker looks like after the wash and rinse cycles. Looks about like that.

Paula... said...

Oh no! My pet peeve is the tissue in the pocket and then all over the dark clothes but this is soooooo much worse :(

Gena said...

It happens to the best of us so i feel your pain. Only ours was frigging liquorish. Needless to say no one claimed it.....

Cheri Pryor said... I'm going with a different kind of vibe here and hoping that Spencer will think it is totally cool to have "bloody" clothes. He will be the kid everyone becomes afraid of out on the field. Brave. Invincible. A take-no-prisoners kind of guy.

They will fear him.

Or point and laugh. But let's hope they fear a good, healthy, competitive kind of way! lol!