Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Yet!

We thought it was too chilly and cloudy to release the butterflies today. Besides, they seemed rather content in their habitat....until this evening. Two of them started fluttering all around and flying into each other. All right you two-- don't make me stop this habitat!
Perhaps they were strong and claustrophobic? So, Spencer and I took the habitat outside and unzipped the opening so Hatfield and McCoy could "take it outside."
As soon as I unzipped it, one came straight down to the opening--stopped-- stayed there a minute and went back in. The other one was distracted by the apple. Neither wanted out so after waiting and waiting...we zipped it back up and brought the habitat back inside. They have been quiet and calm ever since!
Maybe they will be ready tomorrow?


Patti H said...

I am so enjoying your whole experiment! Love the photo of Spencer too!! He really is growing up

AmyWhit said...

I'm loving the experiment too. There is a teacher's store here in town, and they have one of those butterfly habitats in there. I'm thinking it might make a good present at some point for Riley. In the meantime, I'm following your progress. The blood is kind of icky though!

Paula... said...

I love those names!!!