Sunday, April 06, 2008

Singing- You're doing it wrong

What a weekend! It rained out both his baseball and soccer games-- so we had a cold, rainy weekend to spend inside--which was kind of nice. We went to IHOP and indulged in the Horton Hears a Who breakfast special. Very yummy-- the green eggs (in the Green Eggs and Ham) were scrambled eggs with spinach. Spencer loved it!
We did some killer shopping. Spencer got new video games. Somehow my brother got me to buy wasn't pretty. Kind of embarrassing when a video game says you are "awful" and "tone deaf"-- Jimmy could barely sing for laughing at me. Spencer and IV thought we had lost our minds. There will definitely be a four drink minimum to ever get me to try that again. And they gotta be some big ol' drinks...
We also played Legos-- it took us two hours to build a 3 story beach house - complete with grill, landscaping, skylights, etc. It was fun!
But what happened to my Tar Heels? I don't think the right team showed up last night. What a disappointment!
Lucy (Jimmy's wife) flew Thursday to Florida to visit her sister via Skybus. On Saturday, Skybus folded and ceased operation. Her return flight was NOT being honored--so she was stranded. Luckily a friend's Dad had a ton of mileage from business travel and was able to get her on a flight to Charlotte-- and Jimmy was only 30 minutes late driving to Charlotte to pick her up (insert eye rolling.)
We have a very busy week filled with make up games, soccer, baseball, portraits, school projects, and (drum roll) our big spring crop is this weekend. Do you think I will finish my cruise album??


Jennifer Sizemore said...

I think your Tar Heels were taking a lesson from the Canes!

The singing sounds fun - even if not done "right." :)

Kim said...

You...and Jimmy...singing. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that display of talent. I will have to get Spencer's version of that next time I call. Too funny.

Patti H said...

okay why is there no video of you singing? I would pay for that footage!! LOL

Becky said...

I want SingStar!! or something of the sort. I agree with Patti, we need a video.

Paula... said...

LOL I want the video too :) My poor deprived girls have to go to their cousins to play on the singstar, but Dayna absolutely loves it !!