Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Unfortunately, we attended the funeral of a dear friend, Peggy Johnson, today. She was a wonderful and generous woman that will forever be in our hearts.

I also delivered Mobile Meals today. It was as rewarding as usual--even though it was FREEZING cold and I was really hurting. Being the graceful person I am, I fell up and down the steps last night. Yeah, you read that right. I fell up the steps and then proceeded to fall down the steps. I did; however, manage not to scream any expletives seeing that I was in the church stairwell. The heel of my boot caught the hem of my skirt as I was going up the steps-of course my hands were full so when I went crashing down- I landed on my shoulder- and then because my skirt was twisted around me, I fell back down the steps busting both knees, my elbow, my head, etc. Go ahead and laugh. I can't see you through the computer....

Because of the funeral, we had more family in town than usual. Despite the reason for their visit, it was nice to have dinner with them and celebrate Dad's birthday. Dad spent the evening of his birthday doing what he loves-- eating a big steak at Outback and spending time with family. He received a bounty of fun gifts. Spencer "repurposed" his Valentines box into a gift box--and while I was on a conference call, the little booger helped himself to the "good bling" from my scrapbooking stash! Yikes! He loves his Boppa so much that he wanted his gift box to be extra special so I can't be mad at him. He made Boppa a birthday card and included a love bear so Boppa would know how much he loved him. Kind of made the pair of Crocs I put in there seem so impersonal....ha!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Muscle Men!

Spencer and IV have not been able to play together all week because IV has been sick. Well today he was finally better--and the boys could get together and pretty much raise all grades of hell. They played so hard! When we got home, Spencer got a quick shower and nearly fell asleep doing his flashcards--he was exhausted!

Grow & Release Program

We ordered a Butterfly farm. Spencer is fascinated with larvae-cocoon-butterfly science stuff, so we are going to create our own. We set the "tree" up and will order the larvae/caterpillars and food (milkweed plants). We get to feed them and watch them grow and transform. And just as they break out of their cocoons, we will release them on a beautiful spring day! Okay, that is *supposed* to be what happens-- let's see how close we can get to that....


Can I just say...Paula Rocks! Thank you Thank you Thank you Paula for the blog comments, the encouraging emails, the header help, etc. One day, I am coming to Australia and I'm going to do the obnoxious American thing and invite myself to stay with you!! hahah!
To my fellow photog and paper crafting friends, don't miss Paula's blog-- it is inspirational!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A break in the weather

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Today was beautiful! After I got the Saturday chores done, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the park. Debbie and Aidan just happened to be there, too! Spencer and Aidan both enjoyed this break in the weather. It's hard to believe that just yesterday they were calling for sleet. Gotta love NC weather....

Heaven has a new Diva

It broke my heart to wake up to the news that my SJ buddie Jeannie B. passed away last night. Jeannie was a total hoot. Whatever part of heaven she is in--I am sure she has them laughing. We will miss Jeannie at SJ. Scrapfest won't be the same without her. I will miss her witty comebacks and her Red Hat stories. A stroke took her away way too soon. She was a classic and I'm so glad I got to know her.

Friday, February 22, 2008


What better way to end a really hard day of First Grade than with a really good bubble bath. After a quick trip to Toys R US and dinner at his favorite rib joint, Spencer told me he wanted LOTS and LOTS of bubbles. So...he had long bubble bath...and enjoyed every minute of it! We had "Spencer Night" to celebrate his good grades on his interim report card.

Spencer's cousin, Steven, had quite an exciting evening last night. While at basketball practice, he somehow lost control doing sprints and went through a window! He is stitched up and okay-- but geez, he is going to have one helluva story!

I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn this week. I am in awe of her writing style-and for those of you that know me - know I am picky/critical about fiction. Can't wait for her next novel!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

There is a charge for spaghetti...

Spencer had a few contractions in his spelling words tonight. If you get the chance, have him spell one of them for you (like didn't)-- he says "a pasta fee"-- it is the cutest thing. I didn't want to giggle- because homework is serious time- but it is so funny!

Say Cheese!

I am loving my new camera. Now I am *looking* for stuff to photograph. Mom and Dad brought Spencer home from school today and she had picked him up some strawberries as an afternoon snack. Oh yeah. Photo session.

Georgina thinks I'm nuts

I have a birthday list-- most of it I have gathered from friends, emails, announcements on sites, etc. I glanced at it a couple of weeks ago and noticed it said Georgina (my friend in England) had a birthday coming up. So I mailed a card. All proud of myself for actually getting it mailed on time. And then I get an email from Georgina...Uhmmm..Thanks?? But my birthday was in September??? Damn. My birthday list is wrong. So Georgina, seal that card back up and put it away for 7 months. It's the thought that counts. And I *did* think of you--just not for the right occasion!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now that was fun...

Just finished watching the UNC/State game so of course I'm in a good mood--what better time to update my blog?

I actually went out for lunch today (gasp! did the bank collapse while I was gone?) and met up with Lesley and Pam. Now, you would think we (all three of us professionals, in a quiet restaurant) would discuss work, books, etc. But not today. Pam stood up to mock anger at the deformed fork she received--and it was really hard to take her seriously with her fly down. Lesley and I just lost it. Nothing makes your day better than side splitting laughter all the way through lunch!

I *finally* got my new camera today. I made it to page 2 of the user's guide before nearly nodding off. Who writes that crap? (snicker) I have taken about 100 pictures of Inez tonight. Ungrateful little cat will not pose for me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Spencer is picking up my germ-o-phobia. Last night, he was writing out thank you cards and as he sealed each envelope he started thinking...then he said, "Mom! Think about it! I am mailing my spit and germs to these people!"

I guess I need to buy self-adhesive envelopes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lazy day plans?

Today was my sleep in and be lazy day. Or so I thought. Kim was "nice" enough to give me a wake up call this morning. Those folks that do not get Federal holidays like to abuse those of us who do get the day off.

I stripped the wallpaper border out of the kitchen. Steam cleaned the cabinets. Cleaned off the top of the fridge. Put up the new border (it looks fab!). Put up new window treatments in the dining room and kitchen. Packed up the old kitchen themed stuff. Cleaned the dining room ceiling fan and unscrewed each blade and flipped it over to have black blades instead of hunter green. Did 4 loads of laundry. Changed the sheets. Did the grocery shopping. Helped Spencer with his reading/spelling words. AND went for lunch and pedicures with Mom.

So how did YOU celebrate President's day?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Momma's Boy

We had a nice relaxing evening of watching Dinosaur programs on the Discovery channel. I take that back... Spencer watched while I held him in my lap and read. I don't know what I am going to do when he gets too big to hold! I love having a momma's boy!

Tomorrow is a holiday- Spencer is out of school and I am off work. We have big plans! We are going to sleep late and be lazy all day :-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Anything but typical

I met Kim today for shopping and dinner. A day with Kim is anything but the typical girls day out. From the moment we are together, we time warp back to High Point Central high school and EVERYTHING is hilarious. It's like being young again, except now we have money.

We went to the outlets and shopped for 5-6 hours. It was fantastic! I took my new wallpaper sample with me and we found the PERFECT piece of art for the dining room. I got Spencer a fun, green shirt for St Patty's day and a new Webkinz. I found some great deals at the Eddie Bauer outlet and a new pair of shoes at the Nike outlet...

Kim LIVES to embarrass me. Granted, I embarrass easily, but she enjoys it a little too much. She stood outside of Old Navy and took pictures of me checking out. I pretended I didn't know her (of course)-- which made the idiot working there think I was famous. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I can't even tell you what she did to the poor guy at the Verizon store. But I'm sure he is *still* laughing.

We went for dinner and drinks at a mexican restaurant. We couldn't believe how fast the day had gone by! Kim gave me a new business card holder and a funny "observational humor" book. I gave Kim a journal, a bottle of vanilla from my trip to Cozumel....and a stuffed possum. The possum is a long story-- but it was the PERFECT gag gift!

Even soon as Kim got home with her possum, her cat Baxter declared his love for a rather physical way. I guess there's someone for everyone.

Congrats John & Melissa!

Happy Birthday Meredith Grace! John and Melissa had a healthy and beautiful baby girl today--what a doll baby! We can't wait to meet Spencer's newest "cousin."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day 2008

You know it's going to be a good day when you start your day off with a two hour school delay (ah! sleep in a little!), a pretty, dusting of snow, and a little boy giddy about giving you candy, hand made card and red tulips.

Spencer was EXCITED about going to school and exchanging Valentines. He asked me this morning if the teacher would pair up the boys and girls--no sweetie, you are not assigned a girlfriend. You don't have arranged marriages until 3rd grade. snicker.

He came home with a box full of valentines and candy-- too cute! Now, let me go raid his Skittles....Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Thoughts (Brain Enema)

A smart person would wait until they had all of their materials for a project and then begin, right? Only a goober would walk into the kitchen at 11:00 at night last weekend and rip all the wallpaper off the walls and profess a kitchen makeover. So now, I have UGLY UGLY messed up walls... until I can sand and paint. I don't even know what color yet! So okay... I have a new project.

I have no patience. My new camera is supposed to be shipped tomorrow and I am almost giddy! My package includes: Nikon D40x SLR body, Nikon 18-55mm lens, High Resolution Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto Lens, 4 Gigabyte SD card, Tamrac 5273 Backpack, Cleaning Kit, Lens Filter Set, USB Card Reader, Aluminum Hardcase, Pro Large Tripod, Table Tripod, AC/DC Charger, LCD Screen Protectors, Digital Slave Flash, Nikon Lens Cap, Nikon Camera Strap, USB Cable plus all the normal stuff like battery, quick charger, etc. I have already warned everyone I know.. prepare to model! I bet I hit the tracking site on my shipment a million times starting tomorrow.

Speaking of hitting sites a million times...haha... I am debating whether or not to go to a ScrapJazz fest this summer. I have several vacations planned-- and this would be one without Spencer and the airfare and hotel would be more than a cruise--- so I need to really think about it....

My little man can really groove. He thinks he wants to take Hip Hop lessons-- but doesn't want to go to girly froo froo dance stuff. I'll see what I can find for him-- in the mean time it is really funny to watch a 7 year old break dance and sing Run DMC's It's Tricky!

I talked with my sister in law last night. My nieces are picking a college right now. That makes me feel so old. They were a few weeks old when I first met them and now they are getting ready to graduate. All I can think is, "They BETTER not do the crap I did my freshman year!" haha

My TV addiction revolves around Carolina Basketball, LOST and The Office. I am watching Idol, but not liking this happy, huggy Simon. What's up with that?

My cat, Inez, has a personality disorder. She used to be this shy cat that hid from everyone. Now she is an attention seeking drama queen. It's like living with a little movie star. feed me--NOW! pet me-- NOW! I want THIS SIDE OF THE BED! She busted a move across the bed a few weeks ago and her back legs just happened to get traction on my shoulder. It tore a 4 inch gash. great. Just what I need-- another scar.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Heart

My friend Dee sent me a Valentine today. It was unexpected and totally made my day. And it also made me a bit sappy and reflective. It was a monkey notepad (I love monkeys!) and a card that said "Happy is the heart that holds a friend." My first reaction was... how sweet of Dee--and man! she is talented--all of her cards are beautiful!
But then I started thinking of the "Happy Heart" saying... and I REALLY thought about my friends and how I really appreciate them. I have my local friends, family friends, cousins and even local friends that are so close that I think of them as family. I have co-workers in Florida who are as emotionally close as a next door neighbor. I have other co-workers in Florida, Virginia, etc. that cruise by my blog and make every business interaction a friendly encounter since they know all about me and Spencer. I have church friends. I have community and neighbor friends. I have a best friend in Charlotte that is always there for me no matter what. I have friends in my scrapbooking community that are thicker than most gangs. I have herds of friends all over the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, England, etc. that shower me with fun, love, support and more flowers and gifts than I deserve. I still have close contact with by best friend from elementary school. I still have close contact with my best friends from High school. I still have my friends from college. I COLLECT FRIENDS and I sure have accumulated some pretty good ones! And Dee's card was right-- my heart is happy because I have my friends.
So if you are reading this, that means you are probably my friend and I just want you to know that I appreciate you--even though I am too lazy to send out awesome cards like Dee :-)

Proud of my little guy!

Spencer came home today with a couple of school rewards-- he was named BullDog of the Month for his class. He was very excited and couldn't wait to tell Nana and Boppa! I am so proud of him!

She's a Weiner!

I forgot to post on my blog that Lucy (Melissa) won a free cruise for two up to 7 days anywhere Carnival goes. We bought raffle tickets one evening before a show and the last night, they annouced the winner-Lucy had the magic number- and she screamed and ran to the stage like she was on the Price is Right or something! The cruise director even said in all their years, that was the most excited he has ever seen a winner get!
Lucy was shaking so hard so I was up front helping her with her certificate (and getting scrapbook pictures of course!) that when we were up there together-- someone from the other side of the theatre yelled "Hey! It's the Roulette Girls!" and people were clapping.... I guess we had spent WAY too much time at the ship's roulette table. But we made lots of friends (and no $)
So.. we get to plan another cruise!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Project

Spencer had a take-home project from school: to make a box for his classmates to put his valentines in! So.. we took a shoebox, raided my scrapbook supplies and came up with this masterpiece!
It says "Spencer's Valentines" and has an arrow pointing to the box know, for the box-challenged 1st graders. It has both his name AND photo to make *sure* there are no identity issues. And there are enough stickers, flowers and general "bling" to make sure his box is not overlooked. My little goofball!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Be Mine

Spencer and his little girlfriend, Laura, had a Valentines playdate today. Spencer gave her the build-a-bear he made her. They had a great time! Spencer and I also went shopping-- I got him a little Easter outfit at Gymboree. He was thrilled to dress like an "Easter dork"-(note my sarcasm.) He got 2 new pairs of shoes and a fuzzy blanket with dolphins all over it. We bought the movie Snow Buddies and he and IV watched it tonight while Jimmy helped me research cameras... did you hear that??? I'm stepping it up a notch!

I have to share another funny story from last night. We were getting ready for bed and I was watching some stuff (Travel channel?) about cruises and they showed the EXACT dolphin program that we did at Chankanaab Park in Cozumel. Exact same place-- I was *just* there--standing on the EXACT same platform-- I was all excited and blurting out how cool all this was and Spencer flatly says, "Calm down. It's not like YOU are going to be on TV." Took the wind right out of my sail! I had to laugh-- I guess I was a little too excited just to see a place I had been. Nothing like the honesty of a kid to give you a reality check!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Step 1

World Wide Spencer has completed step 1. We completed his passport application and had his passport photos taken this evening. He is already looking at the globe and planning vacations. He asked if we could go to Africa. Uhmmm....No. His second choice? Alaska. Don't need a passport for that one buddy. Then he sighs and says, "Just take me anywhere."

I probably shouldn't share this story--but geez, that's what blogs are for....
Tonight Spencer said "Mom! There is a boy at school who has BIG OL' front teeth that stick out like beaver teeth!!!" and before I could tell him that he wasn't being nice, he blurted out "Isn't that so cool? I hope my teeth grow that big!"
Oy! What can you do?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Today was my sister in law's birthday-- Melissa. But we call her Lucy. For my blog friends that don't follow-- Lucy is IV's mommy and is married to my brother. Poor girl!

We had Lucy's birthday party on Sunday and did a combined Birthday and Superbowl party. Her BFF Karen made her a football birthday cake, Mom made her a Key Lime cake--and we had tons of food for the evening. Ironically, the guys ate and fell asleep and it was just us girls watching the Superbowl. Which is fine because their whining and yapping is really distracting (haha)

Spencer and I gave Lucy makeup for her birthday. She is 32 and has never owned make up. On the cruise, I did her make up every night and she loved it; so now, she has her own. I even splurged and bought her MAC.

I have been asked in three separate emails in the past week about IV. IV is my nephew. They live 1/2 mile from us and I do not have custody of him, he is just always with us. He and Spencer think they are brothers instead of cousins. They are 15 months apart. We call him IV (rhymes with give) because he is the 4th-- the roman numeral IV. My brother is the third, my dad is a jr... you get it. Yes his hair is cotton white and yes he is TOTALLY LOUD and goofy. He and Spencer are opposites personality wise-- Jimmy and Lucy are going to have their hands full with him!

I don't want to talk about it

Yeah-- so we didn't show up with our A game. Games like that are not good for migraines or blood pressure! (or trying to control your language...)
We'll see you at Cameron--and next time we're bringing Lawson.
My little guy was TRUE BLUE on game night as well. Game Jersey-check! Mascot that plays the fight song- check! Homemade anti-dook signs-- double check!
Spencer was MAD that I made him go to bed before half time. He thinks he should get a bedtime extension for ACC games. If it wasn't a school night I would give in....
Oh well-- let the snarky comments from my Dook friends begin-- I can take it! (Cause you know if we would have won I'd be talking junk....)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happiness is...a Happiness Pin

so I stole a line from Ziggy for my blog title. Does Ziggy even exist anymore? That's a google for another time...
I just wanted to share a picture of my new pin! My friend, Kim, saw this pin and knew it would be perfect for my collection. I think it is so pretty! I love it when my friends see pins and think of me. Thanks Kim!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Looks just like Jimmy

I was tagged, twice!

You gotta love being tagged! It gives you something to chat about on those lazy cold afternoons when you have nothing else better to talk about! Thanks Georgina and Stacy.....

You must post the rules before you give your answers.
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name.
Each fact must begin with that letter.
If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.
After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers.
At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).

Ok, I am lucky I have a short middle name!

A - Always has a "to do" list in my purse
N - Never has enough scrapbook supplies or books
N - Needs more time
E - Eager for my next vacation!

According to the cyber rules, I must tag 4: Oscar, Kim, Leslie and Lesle. But I haven't checked their blogs, so they may have already done this...

Friday, February 01, 2008


YES!!!! Lost is back on! To my Lost fanatic friends-- let me know what you thought about tonight's episode. I didn't catch this but a friend emailed it-- when you pause your DVR it is Christian Shephard in Jacob's house!
Did you notice Charlie's hand said "they need you" instead of "not Penny's boat" when Hurley saw him at the jail? Yea, most everyone caught that one but I thought I would mention it. We have a Ana Lucia tie in now to Hurley. I want to know who was the new Parachutist. I want to know why Danielle told Ben that he was not Alex's father. Is Kate pregnant? Did you play at Interesting!