Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggs to dye for

All of us got together today and dyed eggs! We're gearing up for tomorrow's big dinner and hunt! Spencer and I are already starting our trash talking!

Dook is out of the tournament. I didn't have them going out until the next round-but I will gladly sacrifice my bracket points -haha.

We also went to the movies tonight to see Horton Hears a Who-- it was really cute! Spencer's favorite part was the preview of IceAge- Dinosaurs in 3D (summer 2009)


Leslie said...

that's a great batch of eggs. I wish I was a "nice mom" and colored eggs with my kids LOL I need to do that next year I think for something new and fun to do.

AmyWhit said...

Our kids dyed eggs Friday night, but I didn't take the first picture. I'm just not feeling it lately. Looks like you guys had a very productive eye-dyeing experience. Spencer appears to have thoroughly enjoyed himself...and I see evidence that IV was around for the occasion! Nice looking bunch of eggs!