Sunday, March 16, 2008

Marching on

The ACC final game was a bit tighter than I expected. But a win is a win--and we rocked our way to top seed in the East. Even as the guys were cutting down the net you could almost see them thinking brackets instead of celebration.

On a side note, Spencer had another flash of genius tonight. I had a dozen eggs that expired this weekend so I told him to go throw the eggs in the woods (compost pile.) Well... instead of throwing the eggs into the compost area, he decided it would be more fun to bust them on the side of the house. So yes, he egged his own house. A dozen eggs down the bricks. What possessed him to do such a thing? He liked the way it sounded when it hit the house and the yolk looked really cool when it splattered. I was so proud of myself for not screaming or killing him.


Paula... said...

ROFL - boys!!! I bet he had an eggcellent time though :-P

Leslie said...

I suppose I should congratulate your team but I'm having trouble forming the words. I wasn't at all surprised to see Duke lose Saturday--they've been self-destructing for the last month. :-(

Kim said...

The compost pile is outside.
The house is outside.
C'mon mom, be specific. I can TOTALLY understand how he misunderstood. LOL.

AshleyS said...

LOL! I'm sure you're proud!!

Robyn said...

His own house huh, you should've told him it looks a lot cooler on someone else's;)
As for your dang tarheels. I'm getting ready to fill in my brackets, and I don't know how far this duke fan can let them go. I know their good, it's against everything I stand for.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh My.
I guess the side of the house looks like the compost pile? Who knows how a boy's brain works!