Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful day! Perfect weather to celebrate Easter!
Spencer woke up 30 minutes before the alarm was to go off. Mom! Mom! The Easter Bunny came! He tore through his basket quickly and opened all of his eggs to reveal his surprises.
After breakfast, I dressed him in his adorable Carolina Blue and chocolate outfit. We had a mini argument about the tie going INSIDE the vest. Spencer was so excited about his blue tie that he wanted to wear it where it could be seen better.
Mommy 1- Brat 0. Tie went on the inside.
We were actually on time for church. That has to be a record. After church I came home and immediately started cooking dinner (glazed ham, macaroni and cheese, party cheese rolls, green beans)
At 3:00 Team Wright and Team Alderin reported to Nana and Boppa's house for the traditional egg hunt. The entire week has been devoted to trash talking about the hunt. Mom had to all but threaten Jimmy not to push, shove, or trip me or Spencer. He can not rip our bags and make our eggs fall out either. My brother cheats!
Spencer got into the spirit-- he trash talked his uncle all the way to hunt time!
Okay-- Team Wright had 3 people (Jimmy, Lucy and IV) and Team Alderin was me and Spencer. 3 on 2. And we still kicked their hard boiled behinds.
Mom and Dad hid 58 eggs. $150 plus $12 in lotto tickets. 1 of the $10 eggs was out of play and went to Dad.
Lucy found 8 eggs
IV found 9 eggs
Jimmy found 13 eggs
Spencer found 10 eggs
I found 18 eggs

Did you notice the 6 year old and the 7 year old found more eggs than Lucy?

Team Wright ended the day with $66 and 5 lotto tickets
Team Alderin ended the day with $74 and 7 lotto tickets

Yep-- we are undefeated! Spencer strutted back to the house chanting ALDERIN! ALDERIN! ALDERIN! It's not about the money, it's a year's worth of bragging rights.

After the hunt, everyone came back to our house for Easter dinner then we watched Carolina take out Arkansas in the tourney. Great night!

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Kim said...

Go Cassandra and Spencer! What a fun tradition--and what great pictures. I just think this whole thing is hilarious. I bet Jimmy loooved losing!

AshleyS said...

love the pics of them running in the beautiful weather!

laurensmom said...

LMAO! what a great tradition.
looks like you and spenc, need shirts next year

Jennifer Sizemore said...

It sounds like a fun time was had by all!! Happy Easter!

Oscar T. Grouch said...

oh my, you have green grass, I am so envious. Congrats on the bragging rights. LOL

Georgina said...

sounds like you had a great time

Nancyroo said...

great pics!

Cheri Pryor said...

You need to be on my team. For anything, really. Sounds like you have a "slight" competitive edge to your personality. I have a *tiny* one, myself (roll eyes). We could kick some serious "A" and I know we would end up with all that share with share....

Love the pics! Great bunny ears!

AmyWhit said...

hey! if there were cash in our eggs, I might would hunt them too!