Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tar Heels Win! (Giggity Giggity Alright!)

(1) North Carolina 76, (5) Duke 68

It was a big game tonight. There was plenty at stake: the top seed in the ACC tournament, a potential in-state path to March Madness and of course, it is the DUKE- Carolina game-- THE rival game and senior night. And, after a wild game with the Cameron crazies-including Dickie Vitale still trying to rasp out his pro-Duke blabbing, UNC is still No. 1 and the dookie seniors had their special night spoiled.

But I do have to give Duke props for remembering Eve Carson before the game. That was a very classy move.

At our house, I made Carolina Blue Kool-aid (Blue Raspberry and Lemonade) and a big batch of cookies. Lucy, IV, Spencer and I cheered as loud as we could. We decided Inez (my chubby cat) was our good luck charm so she had to sit in Lucy's lap the entire game.


The Partin Family said...

John says "who cares about that game, anyway." But really, for us, who cares about college basketball this season,for that matter. Ha ha!

Becky said...

I think you just watch it for #50 there and the kool aid.

Paula said...

OK this is all double-dutch to me, but sounds like you had fun LOL

Leslie said...

I can't even put into words what I wish to say. LOL

I love you even though you're a tar heel!

Robyn said...

:P I thought DUKE was going to pull it out, yes, and then unc is up by all these points, when did I miss the run. Rematch in the acc tourney, maybe.