Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laugh it up

Continuing my tradition of being a movie snob and only seeing those films that are intellectually stimulating and philosophically challenging, I went to the theater tonight with Dee to see Semi-Pro starring Will Farrell. It was laugh out loud funny if, of course, you appreciate obnoxious, crude humor. I think Dee and I laughed just as hard at all the trailers as we did during the movie!

Speaking of laughing out loud: Clemson 78- Duke 74

Dinner tonight was great! Everyone has been bragging about Bimini's so I finally went there tonight. Live music, great food and Blue Moon on tap. Yay! I think I have a new favorite haunt.

Now, lets all get ready for the game. Go Heels!


Kim said...

I have a mission.
I must get you beyond the movies dedicated to 17 year-old humor.
I know it is possible.
I know it.
I am not talking foreign subtitles, but something with a plot and real characters--and nouns AND verbs in the sentences.
I love ya anyway.

Leslie said...

ooo so it was funny? I always wonder about Will Ferrell movies...some are good...some stink. Ahhh and Blue Moon on tap...yummy!

Robyn said...

:P big raspberry for your duke comment. :)